Welcome to TM Custom Homes

T.M. Custom Homes was formed in 1996 by Tony Mantor while building his own house just north of Nashville, TN. A real estate agent that assisted in acquiring the land stopped by during the building process and liked the quality of the house. He offered to help market any homes that Tony might consider building. Tony decided to get his contractors license and started building custom homes in 1997.

Tony has been involved in the building business since 1975 either in management at a lumber supply company or as a home builder. He has taken many courses on home building and been to many manufacturer’s plants gaining knowledge on how these products go into a house to make it a better home in which to live. Having a core group of sub- contractors that have been with T.M. Custom Homes since the very first home built helps reduce the stress of the building process for you.

Tony will be there to answer any questions you may have and help you with the many decisions you will make on the products that you want in your home. All involved in the building of your home have the knowledge in which to let you enjoy seeing your dream home become reality.

T.M. Custom Homes strongly believes that quality comes before quantity. We will not take on any home to build that will not be built in a timeframe acceptable to you, the client. Although losing business is not the objective, we would rather lose the home than to take the project and not be able to maintain the level of quality and professionalism we try to adhere to. We do this by keeping the amount of homes built in a year to a manageable amount..

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